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Reverse Phone Reverse search of a phone number into a person, address, business, city, state and zip. Display telephone company info, area code info.

Telco/City Lookup Telephone company contacts for area codes and prefixes. Identify whether a number is wireless or landline, show all prefixes for an area code, with each telco, show area codes and prefixes in a city, show telephone companies serving a city, National Pooling data of prefix splits, telephone company websites and contacts, geographic maps of phone numbers, area code maps of states.

Zip Lookup Zip codes and show geographic maps, correlate area codes to cities and zips, show zips in a city, show cities in a county.  show counties in an area code, demographic info on each zip code, including income, population, and housing value, locate businesses in a zip code.

Public Records Pick a state using our dynamic map and show state agencies with database lookup capability, show counties/cities with online public records, including: birth records, property tax records, parcel maps, business licenses, fictitious business names, inmates, sex offenders, most-wanted criminals, sheriff booking logs, court records, missing persons, civil lawsuit filings, court calendars, cemetary records, unclaimed property, naturalization records, land deeds, judgements, marriages, divorces, deaths, inmate records, adoption records, bankruptcies, child support lookup, family history, criminal indictments, DMV access, sheriff sales, property appraisals, trademarks, corporate filings, company ownership.

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